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Medium shot of a women selling produce in the Saris market, Ethiopia (2020)
March 2024|

In search of equality: Can taxes be good advocates?

by Sripriya Iyengar Srivatsa

Over the last two years, I have been travelling to Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone to…

Women walking in a street in Adjamé Market, Abijan, Ivory Coast. Some are carrying their wares on their heads.
March 2024|

Taxes and fees in the informal sector shed new light on why engendering tax research matters

by Deanndre Chen

In low-income countries, women make up a significant portion of the informal sector. They are also…

Photo of women of Takalafiya-Lapai village, Niger State, Nigeria
January 2023|

Mobile money tax: Is there a gender gap?

by Hannelore Niesten & Mary Abounabhan

Gender and tax: As Africa increasingly introduces specific taxes on digital financial services (DFS) such as mobile money, do DFS taxes exacerbate or reduce gender inequality?…

Red vodafone mobile money kiosk in Ghana
October 2022|

New data on the e-levy in Ghana: Unpopular tax on mobile money transfers is hitting the poor hardest

by Vanessa van den Boogaard, Max Gallien, Mike Rogan & Nana Akua Anyidoho

In Ghana, the “e-levy” has been linked to the current administration’s “Ghana Beyond Aid” strategy for reducing aid dependence….

June 2022|

How will the E-levy impact the informal sector in Ghana?

by Rhiannon McCluskey & Philipa Birago Akuoko

The Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy), a 1.5% tax on all electronic transactions, went into effect on the 1st of May amongst considerable uncertainty and controversy….

This Women’s Day, we need to talk about toilet taxes
March 2020|

This Women’s Day, we need to talk about toilet taxes

by Jalia Kangave

In 2018, the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD) published findings from a research study…

March 2019|

What have we learned about gender and tax in Africa?

by Rhiannon McCluskey

About two years ago, the ICTD began a new research program on gender and taxation with…

Trader selling cowpea at Oje market, Ibadan
August 2018|

Tax Justice – How to integrate local experiences into an international campaign?

by Mª Josep Cascant-Sempere (Kas)

What does tax justice mean at the local level, and how can the experiences of informal market traders be linked with broader international campaigns? This blog draws out insights from ActionAid’s experience of incorporating the demands of market traders in Nigeria into its international tax justice campaign….

April 2017|

Tax Justice for Women’s Rights: The Real Issues in Developing Countries

by Jalia Kangave

For the past twenty years, Maama Sula (let’s say) has run a small fast-food restaurant in…