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November 2021|

Increasing collection of income taxes via property ownership: The Borno State experience

by Mohammed Alkali, Mohammed Bashir Ali, John Audu Aziganu & Grema Bukar

Borno State, in north-eastern Nigeria, has faced intractable security challenges in the last decade that has led…

rickety bridge built next to broken bridge
July 2021|

Informal taxation in Nigeria: Significance, benefits and challenges

by Jacob Aondohemba Iormbagah

Across Nigeria, a journey through rural communities and interaction with community members will expose you to…

Fossil fuel subsidies tax blog cover photo
July 2021|

Urgent fossil fuel subsidy reforms needed to tackle climate crisis

by Neil McCulloch

As the G20 Environment Ministers meet today, one of the key issues they need to consider…

Hands typing on keyboard
April 2021|

Digitising taxation in Nigeria: Challenges and recommendations

by Abimbola AbdurRahman Lekki

In 2016, Nigeria’s Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council recognised that Nigeria should not be left behind…

Small house in Lagos
July 2020|

Insecurity underpins property rights in Lagos – no matter what class you are

by Tom Goodfellow & Olly Owen

Recurrent episodes of marginal communities being evicted from the waterfronts of Lagos have made global media headlines over…

February 2020|

Why Nigeria needs a huge tobacco tax hike to curb smoking

by Laura Rossouw

Cigarette sales in most African countries are going up all the time. But smoking rates are much lower than…

November 2019|

Enforcement, facilitation and trust: why pay taxes?

by Wilson Prichard & Marijn Verhoeven

The government of Kaduna State, Nigeria, has been working to increase tax collection by broadening the…

August 2019|

Broadening Nigeria’s revenue base: Can little drops of taxes make a mighty nation?

by Uzochukwu Uchechukwu Alutu

Nigeria’s dependence on oil Nigeria relies more on oil than it does on direct taxes or…

March 2019|

What Nigerians really think about tax

by Neil McCulloch & Tom Moerenhout

Nigeria’s performance on collected taxes is poor. Non-oil revenue in the country is around 3-4 percent…

March 2019|

Why better tax research is crucial to Nigeria’s development

by Mustapha Ndajiwo

There is an international consensus that taxation is a critical means for financing sustainable development. It…

Trader selling cowpea at Oje market, Ibadan
August 2018|

Tax Justice – How to integrate local experiences into an international campaign?

by Mª Josep Cascant-Sempere (Kas)

What does tax justice mean at the local level, and how can the experiences of informal market traders be linked with broader international campaigns? This blog draws out insights from ActionAid’s experience of incorporating the demands of market traders in Nigeria into its international tax justice campaign….

July 2018|

The Land Use Charge controversy in Lagos: What lessons to learn?

by Tom Goodfellow, Bukola Bolarinwa & Olly Owen

Since the turn of the millennium, the Lagos State government has made no secret of its…