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Group of seated women using mobile phones
November 2023|

Unpacking Zambia’s proposed mobile money levy: Lessons and considerations

by Hannelore Niesten

As Zambia’s proposed e-levy on mobile money transfers takes shape, policymakers would be prudent to consider the lessons learnt by other African countries…

Screenshot of home page of the digital financial services (DFS) tax map website
July 2023|

ICTD’s new web portal on taxation of digital financial services in Africa

by Awa Diouf & Hannelore Niesten

Across Africa, the rapid growth of digital financial services (DFS) has led to increased interest in effectively taxing these services. The DFS TaxMap is a dynamic web portal in English and French tracking the diverse approaches to DFS taxation….

Mobile money agent in Zanzibar, Tanzania
April 2023|

How do taxes affect the price of digital financial services?

by Hannelore Niesten & Awa Diouf

How the interplay between DFS pricing and taxation affects the cost of DFS, and why transparency and competition are crucial for a well-functioning market….

Esta Sechbeia (24) looks on as she waits for customers at a mobile money stand on the side of the road in the Tesano neighbourhood, Ghana.
April 2023|

Building trust by earmarking taxes on digital financial services

by Mary Abounabhan, Hannelore Niesten & Amrita Saha

Can earmarking provide an answer to the controversy of taxes on digital financial services such as Ghana’s e-levy? Although an unpopular policy tool, it may be a necessary evil….

Ghana: A woman carries fruit on her head as she passes a mobile money stand in the Tesano neighborhood.
February 2023|

The Ghana e-levy: Can the latest rate reduction win greater public acceptance and increase revenue?

by Awa Diouf, Alex Ampaabeng, Mary Abounabhan & Hannelore Niesten

The reduced tax rate on electronic transactions is unlikely to satisfy Ghanaians given the country’s rising inflation…

Photo of man texting on mobile phone
February 2023|

Taxes on digital financial services in Africa – An unlevel playing field

by Hannelore Niesten

Taxing transactions made via digital financial services differently from those made via traditional banking services can…

Photo of women of Takalafiya-Lapai village, Niger State, Nigeria
January 2023|

Mobile money tax: Is there a gender gap?

by Hannelore Niesten & Mary Abounabhan

Gender and tax: As Africa increasingly introduces specific taxes on digital financial services (DFS) such as mobile money, do DFS taxes exacerbate or reduce gender inequality?…

woman at a mobile money street stall in Tanzania
October 2022|

Tanzania to waive electronic money transfer levy, except on mobile money?

by Hannelore Niesten

From 1st October 2022 Tanzania eliminated the levies on certain electronic money transfers, but not on mobile money….

flags of East African Community countries
September 2022|

Mobile-money taxation in East Africa: Harmonisation or laissez-faire?

by Hannelore Niesten

Regional tax harmonisation is controversial, with compelling arguments for and against. Is it desirable? Or beneficial? And if so, to whom?…

mobile money kiosk in rural ghana
April 2022|

Uncertainty still dogs Ghana’s Electronic Transfer Levy

by Christopher Wales & Hannelore Niesten

Can Ghana’s Electronic Transfer Levy be implemented legally on the 1st of May? And beyond that, how will it work?…