market women

With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we have launched a new research program on gender and tax, spearheaded by ICTD Capacity Building Manager Jalia Kangave. 

We held a workshop in November 2016 to generate a research agenda with partners from academic institutions, civil society, donor agencies, and officials from African revenue authorities and ministries of finance. The three areas we chose to focus on are: 

  1. How and through what mechanisms does the presence of women in tax administration affect the ways in which taxes are collected and the performance of revenue authorities?
  2. Through what channels do women in the informal sector engage with the tax system? In particular, what role do informal associations play in tax bargaining with the state? Can informal sector associations play a greater role in tax collection or tax-accountability processes?
  3. How do tax systems currently affect the capacity of poorer women to earn a livelihood? How might they best be reformed to support greater progressivity?

In addition, we made a commitment to encourage and support the collection of gender-disaggregated data on taxation. 

We put out a call for proposals, and were overwhelmed by the response. We are in the process of reviewing the more than 30 proposals that were submitted, and some research has already begun. Watch this space for new research findings in the months ahead. In the meantime, check out our summary brief "Tax and Gender in Developing Countries: What are the Issues?".

Image: Market women in Lira by Teseum/Flickr