ICTD “Researcher Spotlight Series” features our past and current researchers; men and women who work behind the scenes to produce top-notch tax and development research in ICTD’s key thematic areas.

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Merima Ali

Starting us off this series, is Dr. Merima Ali, an ICTD researcher with research interests on private sector development and taxation; as well as other development issues like health. She is also a Senior Researcher at the Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) and a Research Assistant Professor at Syracuse University. Read more






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Dr. Samuel Jibao

Dr. Samuel Jibao is an ICTD researcher whose main area of interest is public economics with special focus on taxation. He holds a PhD in 

Economics and has done extensive research on tax, both at the national and sub-national levels. Read more




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Dr. Jalia Kangave

The third researcher in our "Researcher Spotlight" series is Dr. Jalia Kangave, a lawyer with vast professional experience in tax law and an independent tax and legal researcher with affiliations to various institutions. Read more





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 Milly Nalukwago

Though many know Milly Nalukwago as the Assistant Commissioner - in charge of Research, Planning and Development - at the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), she wears many hats.

She is the head of the East African Revenue Authorities Technical Committee (EARATC) research sub-committee. She is also one of ICTD’s key researchers in Africa as well as a member of ICTD’s Center Advisory Group (CAG). 

The Makerere University-trained revenue administrator is very passionate about her work. She has extensive research and tax revenue analysis experience within Uganda and the East African region, and has authored a number of studies, both for the URA and the ICTD.  Read more




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Vanessa van den Boogaard

Vanessa is currently a Ph.D. student in Political Science at the University of Toronto, specializing in Comparative Politics and Development Studies. 

Her dissertation research explores the role of informal and non-state taxation in governance and development, in areas of weak state authority, and the ways in which state and non-state taxation relate to the formation of political order in conflict-affected countries. Her supervisor is Dr. Wilson Prichard, who, along with being a Research Director at the ICTD, is an Assistant Professor at the University Toronto. 

Prior to starting her doctoral studies in 2014, she worked at the ICTD as a Research Officer, collaborating on research with Wilson and Samuel Jibao, and conducting field research in Ghana and Sierra Leone. Additionally, She has worked with the Conflict-Affected and Fragile Countries operational group of the World Bank in Washington, Kenya, Sudan, and South Sudan, and held various other research and teaching assistantships. Read more