The Centre Advisory Group (CAG)

The Centre Advisory Group represents a diversity of stakeholders and funders, who meet regularly to examine the programme and performance of ICTD and to advise the funder and the CEO. Its two main functions are:

  1. To exercise professional due diligence over the management and strategy of ICTD on behalf of funders; and
  2. To assist the CEO and Research Directors as required to perform their roles effectively. 

The current ICTD CAG members are: 

  • Oliver Morrissey, Chair (academic economist)
  • Sol Picciotto (researcher, law)
  • Milly Nalukwago (Uganda Revenue Authority)
  • Nara Monkam (Director of Research, African Tax Administration Forum)
  • Alan Carter (‎Senior Economist, Tax Capacity Building Expert, HMRC)
  • Abiola Sanni (Professor of Commercial Law, University of Lagos)
  • DFID representative
  • Vishal Gujadhur (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation representative)
  • Mick Moore (ICTD CEO)